As we get our candy and costumes ready for the Trick-Or-Treaties that will be searching for their booty tonight on Halloween, it’s interesting to take a look at some of the origins of this interesting holiday.

Some say Halloween can be traced back to the Roman feast of Ponoma, the goddess of fruits and seeds or in the Festival of the Dead called Parentalia. Though I’ll stick with the notion of the Celtic festival of Samhain, which has the meaning of Summers End…

This was a festival to prepare for the long cold winter months (which we’ve experienced this past weekend in NJ already) and there was a thought that it was the time of the year that the most magical things could happen.  In order to ward off any evil spirits at this time of year, the Gaels built huge bonfires and held many different rituals to ensure their security.

As winter greets us, what types of things are you going to do to prepare for the months ahead?  While it’s cold outside, why not bundle up with a good book by Dale Carnegie or watch some interesting TED Talks via the net. These enjoyable things will give you a smile and prepare you for much more then the next few months!!

 Click on the photo to get a taste of what TED has to offer…

Happy Halloween!!