G'day all –

As we were sitting in the cab of the fire truck coming back from the Morris County 9/11 remembrance ceremony tonight, I was surprised to find out that some of my fellow firefighters hadnt seen or heard of one of the most powerful documentaries that I've ever seen showing the brotherhood and life of a fireman — 9/11.

9/11 starts out the summer of 2001 with two french brothers following a probie from the academy to his assigned firehouse in NYC after graduating from the fire academy.  The documentary follows the probie through a fairly uneventful summer (every fireman will relate to the comradery & shenanigans), though little did anyone what was in store…

IMDB – 9/11

You tube has a lot of the clips from the 9/11 documentary – Click here

Check out the you tube clips or purchase the DVD and you'll quickly understand why this is a must watch…