This is a great quote from Aristotle, which exemplifies the importance of continued practice in order to master a task.  It’s hard work and dedication that will allow you to achieve your goals.  The ironic twist is that once you’ve mastered something; you think to yourself how easy it is to accomplish the task and then you can strive for the next goal.

For example, when you first start riding your bike, you wobble and depend on your training wheels for support and comfort.  Then, after many bumps and bruises you are confident enough to remove the training wheels and off you go.  This summer was the first time I had been on a bike for years, though I was able to pick it back up as soon as I started down the street because I had so many years of practice when I was younger!

Why not take this attitude towards all aspects of your life and put in the long hours and strive to be excellent in everything that you set out to do?  Yup, it’s going to take continued effort with frequent set backs, though as long as you continue to strive for improvement and make it a habit, you will continue to surpass your goals and excel.

Additionally, how can you not want to take the advice of a guy that had learned from Plato, which had learned from Socrates. These philosophers of ancient Greece were certainly on to something!!!